Founded in 1997 by Eliana Godoy and receiving non-profit status in September 2001, Art for Change (AfC) is an organization expressly dedicated to the utilization of art as a stimulus for social change.  Based in “El Barrio,” or East Harlem, New York City, AfC has extensive experience in reaching out to disadvantaged youth, with a significant number of Hispanic clients.  As an entirely volunteer-run association, AfC continues to draw from a diverse and vibrant network of volunteers – a strength in its outreach, fundraising and administration. The commitment of its volunteers is demonstrated in the willingness to donate their talents in administrative duties, as well as film-making, murals and youth outreach.  AfC has worked with youth and families since its inception, through a variety of programs: the organization of a youth music festival in Uyuni , Bolivia ; Art and Technology, training youth in digital media; a youth internship program; and exhibits and performances by youth in AfC’s gallery space.