El Barrio Today Arts Cluster invites you to discover the cultural richness of this historic neighborhood through a series of dynamic programs and tourism events. We are a not-for-profit arts and culture program focused on tourism efforts in Manhattan’s “El Barrio” East Harlem arts district, which spans 96th street to 125th street east of 5th Avenue. EBAC is focused on raising tourism awareness about El Barrio’s rich history, arts and cultural organizations and retail businesses.

El Barrio Today Arts Cluster, formed in 2010, hopes to have a direct effect on tourism efforts in Manhattan by encouraging locals and visitors from farther afield to visit El Barrio and enjoy its many museums, galleries, shops and restaurants. El Barrio’s arts/cultural organizations are historically under-promoted and under-represented, and EBAC is charged with helping to change this. El Barrio Today is passionate and true to its roots: we invite you to experience El Barrio Today and all it has to offer.

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Members of the El Barrio Arts Cluster: