Art for Change is proud to present, SWEAT + ASHES, by ILLYGRL, curated by Micaela Anaya and Grace McAvoy.

Please join us for the opening of the exhibit at the AFC gallery.

Friday, March 8, 7:30-10:30
1699 Lexington Ave (btwn 106 & 107th street), bottom level

FREE and open to the public.





Illygrl is an Interventionist Arts Collective. We seek to confront the comfortable by exposing the underbelly of globalization as lived by garment sweatshop women workers; to tear down the myth of U.S. exceptionalism by speaking to the third world experience of U.S. Capital Imperialism. Our purpose is to reveal truths through storytelling and to create consumer transparency through interventions.

Four months ago we sat in a tin garage faced with the truth we had once run from. The truth is that many of us born into this vortex of waste and want do not wish to consider an|other| as our egos gawk at themselves in new threads. But these threads, whether we want it or not, tie us. Four months ago, in Guatemala, we sat with 9 women maquila workers, every night since we sit with their stories- welcoming their truths over our myths.

By working collectively with women worldwide and as active citizens here we hope to push the corporations that outsource to factories globally to consider the wellbeing of the workers and not simply their profit margins. We believe art/intervention can inspire an awakening of consciousness and further collective action. It is our fundamental belief that art can change people, culture, humanity.

SWEAT + ASHES is a piece of our journey, a piece of their stories and hopefully a piece of your vision for people to outgrow profit.