Artist: Yasmin Hernandez
Location: Modesto Flores community garden (104th & Lexington Ave)

“I adore Julia de Burgos for her brutally honest, intimate and revealing spirit that manifests in her words. It all reminds me of another woman artist whose work I admire and that is Frida Kahlo. Both women shared a profound love for their respective homelands of Puerto Rico and Mexico, an appreciation of revolutionary ideals, and a feminist outlook. They suffered similar struggles and worked to overturn injustice. At a time in which their male counter parts men did not delve into personal issues in their work, de Burgos and Kahlo unapologetically made the personal political. Both women were profoundly affected by the loss of their babies through miscarriage and shared their despair though graphic paintings and poems. I view these women not only as contemporaries but as soul sisters, battling the same challenges though hailing from different countries. In a poetic twist Julia de Burgos passed away on Frida Kahlo’s birthday. They died almost exactly one year apart.”   -Yasmin Hernandez

Frida Kahlo (July 6 1907-July 13, 1954), Julia de Burgos (Feb 17 1917- July 6, 1953)

Art for Change and the El Barrio Arts Cluster are proud to present “Soldaderas,” a solidarity mural by artist Yasmin Hernandez located at the Modesto Flores Community Garden on Lexington Avenue, between 104th and 105th streets.

“Soldaderas” celebrates the legacy of two remarkable women, Frida Kahlo and Julia de Burgos, both who shared a profound love for their culture, their people and their country and who used art as a weapon for change. Frida and Julia are known for bleeding their struggles as women, in a colonized context, on canvas and paper and for looking at society with a critical eye. Fearless and holding hands side by side, Frida and Julia, represent symbolically, the possibilities and potential of two communities coming together in history, struggle and aspiration. In a continued social, political and economic landscape that engenders division, through “Soldaderas,”artist Yasmin Hernandez explores the historical connection that exist between the Mexican and Puerto Rican experience. Soldaderas articulates the solidarity that artists and Art for Change aspire to build in our community of East Harlem and beyond.

Check out Yasmin’s latest blog entry about the mural http://rebelarte.livejournal.com/


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