(Creating Artistic Links to Liberation and Expression)

CALLE (Creating Artistic Links to Liberation and Expression) is a bilingual (Spanish/English) street theater project designed to empower high school aged youth to voice their visions and opinions through theater in an increasingly privatized and segregated city. Youth work together to strengthen their acting skills, understanding of public political theater, and to develop an ensemble. The troupe is responsible for developing bilingual plays to draw attention to issues affecting them in New York City, incorporating personal stories and research from interviews.

Creating theater is a community event; it is public storytelling, generational question asking, and a time for reimagining our realities. With rapid changes occurring in New York City, it is essential for youth to have a space to reflect on and react to both the larger societal changes happening around them, and those that are happening internally. Immigrants and youth of color face particular discrimination from law enforcement agents, school systems, and from within their own communities. This project addresses the isolation and silence many youth experience in New York City by offering an opportunity to connect with other young people (and audiences around the city) by creating public art that reflects their shared experiences.

This project raises awareness of the diversity of experiences and struggles of young people growing up in New York City. It empowers youth to be open and vulnerable in a supportive environment and to learn to use the arts as a tool for personal expression and social action.

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Participants are usually in high school, but we have allowed actors up to age 20 to participate in some circumstances. Contact Claudia at This is a completely FREE program!


Classes start AUGUST 2nd, 2010!

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