Through a cultural exchange between Bolivian and New York City artists, local youth traveled to facilitate workshops in film and mural making in Potosi and La Paz, Bolivia. In turn, they welcomed Bolivian youth into their homes, and participated in theater workshops facilitated by their guests. This exchange resulted in 7 murals in East Harlem and abroad, a film festival featuring 8 short films, and 5 youth-written and performed pieces, which took place in public New York spaces, all highlighting issues of social justice. The Bolivian youth who participated were inspired by this partnership to start a Non-Governmental Organization of their own in Potosi, and one of the founders has since visited New York City for training with AFC in organizational and leadership development.


The Ugly Side of US: Direct Action For Immigration Reform

Criminalizing immigrants simply ignores a broken system that is in need of reform, and exacerbates hate and racism, as is evident in Arizona. Dialogue in the public arena, in Washington, state legislatures and the media has been dominated by this narrow-minded and ineffectual dialogue.  This initiative aims to shift the conversation about immigration from focus on border militarization, criminalization, racial profiling and deportation of immigrants to include personal stories and the root causes of immigration, towards a broadly conceived and realized immigration reform.

An artists intervention, this campaign engages artists and volunteers in the organizing and civil disobedience process. The theme, incorporates signs and t-shirts that read “hate,” “racism,” “discrimination” etc, in coordination with ugly masks, ears and teeth, representing the ugly side of the discourse on immigration in this country. This travelling human installation reminds us that each of US is accountable for our actions, (or non-action) and the role that we play in this discourse.

Contact Eliana,  eliana@artforchange.org, for more info.


SUNSHINE: A cantastoria

“Sunshine,” is a participatory performance, or cantastoria, that tells the story of the Screechies and the HupHups, two fuzzy ethnic groups who occupy the same fictional planet. When one group decides they want all the warm sunshine for themselves, the delicate balance of life is disrupted. This story, created by Art for Change artists and educators, invites the audience to come together in art-making, while considering the causes and effects of immigration, the sharing of resources, and how we can work together to address common problems, and improve the quality of life for everyone.  The programs committee is currently recruiting volunteers to perform at the FIGMENT festival on Governor’s Island on June 12-13th.

Contact Claudia,  claudiaplaza13@gmail.com, for more info.


Citizens of the World

This is a community art-making workshop series that engages community members, especially children and families, to reflect on their personal immigration stories through creating art. The art projects, which have included creating passports of the world, printmaking, and found objects, have been incorporated into a travelling suitcase installation. Art For Change will conduct this FREE workshop, which has been conducted at El Museo Del Barrio, and in public school classrooms in East Harlem, for arts and culture or other organizations upon request.

Contact Claudia,  claudiaplaza13@gmail.com, for more info.