Social Justice Adult Art Workshop Series, FREE



Workshop: “Her in Hero”
Partner: Northern Manhattan Improvement Corp’s Domestic Violence Project
Guest Teaching Artist: Elizabeth Bisbing and Leslie Madigan, and art therapist Elaine Shor.

The “Her in Hero” workshop, in conjunction with other activities celebrating the month of Mother’s Day, highlighted women heroes to reinforce positive self-images of mind and body and define self-acceptance. Women’s activities, interests, and body images were explored by creating personalized cards using collage and design techniques. Participants translated visually their individual experiences as well as solidarity within the group to build on cultural heritage, reflect on losses they have endured through both domestic violence and immigrating to a new country, and reinforce hope they have retained. Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation’s Domestic Violence Project offers counseling and legal services to approximately 300 survivors of domestic violence each year, many of whom are immigrants, and seeks to empower and stabilize individuals through education, healing, and holistic programming.


Workshop: Out of this Space! Guest Teaching Artist: Carlos Sandoval De Leon

Through drawing, writing, and collage participants explored politics versus personal space and responded to/re-imagined these frameworks through the visual arts. De Leon described his experience of working with homeless LGBTQ youth at the Ali Forney Center and invited participants to add to the “Out Of This Space” sculpture, originated by the clients of Ali Forney, which addresses the relationship between object and creator: How does the displaced homeless “queer”, and/or immigrant artist claim or imagines space in sculpture? This on-going creative exchange addressed the importance and the possibilities of inclusion in space.  This workshop was created in collaboration with The Create Collective.




Workshop: Rooted in Ancestor: Honoring the Dead
Guest Teaching Artist: Jane Madrigal

Led by renowned San Antonio artist, Jane Madrigal, participants explored the traditions of ancestor veneration and its importance in cultivating family loyalty and continuity of the family lineage through the lens of the Dia de los Muertos tradition. After a short documentary and learning some basic home altar-building requirements  and techniques needed to create traditional altars for the dead, participants decorated sugar skulls in remembrance of a departed loved one.


Workshop: How to Design to Fight Anti-Immigrant Hate
Guest Teaching Artist/Activist: Favianna Rodriguez

When it comes to immigrants, much of the public dialogue is laced with myths, stereotypes, hate and fear of the unknown. But there is tremendous power in using human stories to give fresh dimensions on reality and dynamically reframe the immigration debate while stirring emotional resonance in viewers. Art can play in key role in sharing these stories. In this workshop, participants reviewed successful graphic art campaigns and learned how to design visually engaging posters that offer a positive view of immigrants. This workshop incorporated graphics from the book Reproduce & Revolt.

Art for Change family and community workshops are made possible in part with public funds from the Fund for Creative Communities, supported by New York State Council on the Arts and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.