$2M Exploited From Polygon-Based Protocol 0vix

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• Polygon-based protocol 0vix was exploited for $2 million by an attacker who used a flash loan and swapped the USDC for 757 ETH.
• CertiK and Arkham Intelligence have confirmed the incident.
• 0vix has paused the markets on POS and zkEVM as a precautionary measure.

Exploit of Polygon-Based Protocol 0vix

A blockchain security firm, CertiK, reported that a Polygon-based decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, 0vix, appears to have been exploited for $2 million via flashloan. Arkham Intelligence further corroborated this news. The attacker inflated the price of vGHST to borrow a large amount of USD which was then moved to Ethereum mainnet and swapped it for 757 ETH.

Response from 0vix

0vix issued a statement confirming the incident on April 28th, noting that it is working with its security partners in relation to vGHST. As a result of this exploit, 0vix has paused the markets on POS and zkEVM – impacting oToken transfers, minting, and liquidation in turn.

US Government Bitcoin Holdings

Glassnode data revealed that US government holds $6 billion worth of Bitcoin currently. This may be related to SEC enforcement action against Coinbase – suggesting that the decision is motivated by Chairman Gary Gensler’s own views on crypto assets versus securities.

Vigilante Hacker Activity

A vigilante hacker recently burned hundreds of BTC held in wallets used by Russian intelligence services involved in cyberattacks against various entities around the world over recent years.

SEC’s Gensler Sparks Community Backlash

Gensler analogized crypto vs securities to calling a dog a goldfish; sparking community backlash due to his controversial remarks about digital assets being subject to securities regulations rather than commodities regulations like bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are typically classified as such under current legislation frameworks across different countries globally..