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• WSB Coin, the official memecoin for Wall Street Bets subreddit, experienced a surge in value of more than 200% after the team member behind the rug pull offered a refund option.
• The original deployer, WSBMod, was secretly draining funds using huge airdrops and selling many of the tokens which led to Zjz.eth offering a refund mechanism for those who bought the token before May 4.
• A pool was set up by WSBMod with no allocation for himself in order to enable Zjz.eth to return the stolen funds which were then claimed by those with control of the multi-sig wallet including ZachXBT and Loopify.

Binance Listing Pushes Floki, Pepe Prices Up

The listing of Floki and Pepe on Binance pushed their prices up by over 50%. These two cryptocurrencies are associated with Wall Street Bets (WSB) subreddit and have seen an increase in popularity recently due to their meme-based nature.

WSB Rallies Over 200% After Refund Option Offered

After suspect Zjz.eth offered a refund option for those who purchased WSB coins before May 4 dump, its value rose by more than 200%. This was done as part of a multisig wallet controlled by WSBMod and two crypto influencers ZachXBT and Loopify.

Israel Seizes Nearly 200 Binance Accounts Over Terrorism Links

Over two years Israel has seized nearly 200 accounts belonging to users on Binance due to suspected terrorism links. This has caused some concern among cryptocurrency traders as these accounts were used for trading activities that could be linked back to terrorist groups or organizations.

Voyager Intends To Return Customer Funds Soon

Voyager is planning on returning customer funds soon following allegations that it has been mismanaging investor money. This comes after reports that customers had been unable to withdraw funds from their accounts without any explanation from Voyager executives or representatives about what was happening with their investments.

Coinbase Reports Revenue Growth & Net Loss For Q1

Coinbase reported 22% revenue growth in Q1 2021 along with a net loss of $79 million as volatility in cryptocurrency markets declined during this time period compared to previous quarters. The company also noted that it expects lower volatility going forward which could lead to further losses if market conditions remain unchanged or worsen during future quarters.