May CPI Report: Disinflation Persists as Bitcoin Soars

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• The U.S. consumer price index (CPI) report for May was lower than expected, signaling continuing disinflation in the country.
• Following the CPI release, Bitcoin experienced a 1.8% boost, increasing to a new value of $26,400.
• Markets anticipate a ‘rate hike skip’ at the upcoming FOMC meeting.

U.S CPI Report Indicates Disinflation

The U.S consumer price index (CPI) report for May was released today with numbers lower than expected, indicating that disinflation persists in the country. Core inflation remains persistent, however.

Bitcoin Experiences Boost After CPI Release

The release of the CPI report saw Bitcoin experience a 1.8% boost and reach a new value of $26,400 – its highest level since December 2020. This indicates that investors are taking advantage of market conditions by investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin during periods of disinflation or low inflationary pressure on traditional markets and assets such as stocks and bonds.

Markets Anticipate Rate Hike Skip at Upcoming FOMC Meeting

Following news of the CPI release, markets have taken into account an 80% likelihood of a rate hike being skipped at this week’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting – potentially further reducing inflationary pressure on traditional markets and assets while driving more investment into crypto-assets such as Bitcoin during times of economic uncertainty or stagnation due to lack of stimulus from central banks globally..

Bitcoin Illiquid Supply Hits All-Time High

The rate of change in Bitcoin’s illiquid supply has been remarkable recently; it hit an all-time high following the recent surge in demand for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin caused by rising investor interest due to market conditions including disinflationary pressures in traditional markets and potential rate hikes being skipped at meetings like this week’s FOMC meeting..

Binance Sees Largest Inflow Since SEC Lawsuit

Binance has seen its largest inflow since SEC lawsuit as investors seek refuge from volatile traditional markets and look towards cryptocurrency investments instead; this is likely related to growing concerns regarding global monetary policy from central banks which could result in less liquidity injected into financial systems worldwide – thus increasing demand for alternative store-of-value assets like Bitcoin..