XinFin, Joe, Hex: Top 3 Cryptocurrency Movers Today!

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• The cryptocurrency markets have seen interesting movements in the last 24 hours, with three digital assets standing out from the rest: XinFin (XDC), JOE (JOE), and HEX (HEX).
• XinFin has risen 21.37%, JOE has increased 19.94%, and HEX is up 16.93% in the past day.
• All three currencies have seen strong increases in the past month, with XinFin up 58.09%, JOE rising 45.25%, and HEX increasing 48.31%.

Overview of Today’s Crypto Market Performance

The cryptocurrency market has experienced some interesting movements over the last 24 hours, with three digital assets standing out from the rest for their impressive price performance. These include XinFin (XDC), JOE (JOE), and HEX (HEX).


XinFin saw a 24-hour increase of 21.37% — part of a strong uptrend over the past few weeks that resulted in a 30-day increase of 58.09%. The platform aims to facilitate cross-border trade finance, supply chain finance, and other business processes through its hybrid blockchain model. At the time of writing, XinFin has a market capitalization of $598 million — with a 24-hour trading volume of $12 million — while its all-time high (ATH) was achieved on May 8 2021 at $0.19451. This is currently down 78% from that peak.


The second digital asset on this list is JOE which experienced an increase of 19.94% in the last 24 hours — part of a 7-day surge of 75.82% and a 30-day rise of 45.25%. JOE is a decentralized platform for creating and trading limited-edition NFTs that are linked to real-world collectibles; this project addresses issues regarding authenticity and scarcity within the NFT market by linking each token to unique physical assets such as sports memorabilia or rare coins . As for current prices, JOE holds a market capitalization value at approximately $136 million — supported by a 24-hour trading volume close to $86 million — while its ATH was recorded on March 11 2021 at $5..05117 which it’s now down 92% from that peak mark..


Finally we have Hex which increased 16 93 % since March 20th along with 14 65 % 7 day surge & 48 31% over 30 days making it one most impressive performers today . Hex is Blockchain Certificate Of Deposit allowing users stake their tokens & earn interest on holdings plus it also incorporates “gamification” elements . Currently Hex has Market cap around $3 6 Million supported by about$1 3Million Trading Volume & hit ATH on 10th July 2020 at 0 02282 which now down nearly 99 90 % from Peak .


In conclusion ,the cryptocurrency markets have seen significant price movements in the last 24 hours ,with three digital assets standing out : Xin Fin , Joe & Hex . Whilst all these currencies witnessed strong increases during past month ,Xin Fin saw biggest growth rate followed by Joe & Hex respectively .